Scalativity, LLC will offer an extensive library of On-Demand podcast ready at your convenience. These podcast are intended to education the public about the theory of Scalativity written from the brilliant mind of Leonard J. Malinowski.

The theory of Scalativity is a series of articles divided into:

1. Fractal Physics-Scaling Fractals & the Fifth Dimension
2. CS-Nuclear Explosion
3. Fractal Nucleons
4. Fractal Electron
5. Fractal Neutrino

These videos include the following:

  • All videos are instructed by: Leonard J. Malinowski.
  • Each podcast is between 30-60 minutes in length.
  • All podcast are available On-Demand 24-7.

intended to provide an overview of Fractal Physics theory and Scale Relativity, which is founded on three postulates. The first postulate assumes the structure of physical reality adheres to fractal geometry; physical reality is infinite in matter-energy content, infinite in spatial extent, infinite in duration, and has self-similarities at various scales. The next postulate assumes absolute uniform scale cannot be detected. The meter, kilogram, and second relate to a persons size, mass, and awareness of time passage, the human scale. Atoms are tiny and stars are enormous, both relative to the human scale. In addition to obvious size and mass-energy differences, there also exists a time scale difference between the quantum and cosmic scales as viewed from the human scale. Quantum scale objects appear to exist in accelerated time frames, while cosmic scale objects appear to exist in decelerated time frames, both relative to the human scale. The final postulate assumes the speed (c) of electromagnetic radiation photons in vacuum is independent of scale. This series of articles is intended to begin to call attention to the remarkable self-similarity that exists between the quantum and cosmic realms.